What would you do if this happened to you?

It was a Zen moment.  Nearing the end of my walk, I looked straight at the highway ahead and asked,

“What does the world need?”

If the question was a trick horse then the answer was the rider vaulting onto it’s back…that’s how quick it was.

“Everything money can’t buy”

I laughed at the suddenness of it all.  It fit.  It was a recurring theme – everything money can’t buy.

So my question today is, What would you do if this happened to you?

You were the one who asked the question, or perhaps had the thought of it escape you…and then HEARD very distinctly this answer:

“Everything money can’t buy!”

What would you do?

How would you interpret this in your own circumstances?

Would you do anything differently or would this validate the course you are already on?

Many people count their blessings.  Willy Nelson said his whole life changed when he started counting his blessings.  So on the theme of counting,  What are the things money can’t buy?

Here’s my short list:


I guess the things we cannot buy are the things we cannot “own”.

 Isn’t it amazing how the things we cannot buy (own) are our best gifts to give to others.

I leave you with this little project to answer.   

What you would do if this happened to you?


 if you want to count or make a list.  

I hope you will comment on this here and I will leave you with a quote from my friend Grace.

                        “Everything in life that has value

                         cannot be bought,

                         it can only be exchanged.”

                                                  Grace Winnifred Joy 


This post was originally published on the web in 2015 at “Living For the Present Moment Now” and “True to You” which are no longer on-line.

©Kathy Kidwell, 2015  True to You, Living For The Present Moment Now

©Kathy Kidwell, 2018  The Living Of Loving

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking’s passing today is my first post in this category “The Living Of Loving”.  I learned this phrase from being in the presence of my father Jim Moore.  There are people in this world, and may we be counted with them, who put love into everything they do.  In the case of my father it was done while humming some nameless tune.

Some of us, in this living of loving, will be amplified in the world and some of us will live within a smaller circle.  Whichever, God’s love brightens the days of those around us.  We make life interesting!  Hopefully we inspire others…

Here is a cut and paste of my face book post when I heard of Stephen Hawking’s passing.  My first flush of feeling…”now you will know everything!”

Katie’s FB post

Stephen Hawking has passed at the age of 76. I remember Eckhart Tolle describing meeting him in his book when he was a young man in university. The devotion of the people who followed Stephen everywhere and fed him and listened to him. An incredible testament to overcoming physical difficulties while using his brilliance to understand the universe. I say from now on Stephen Hawking you will know everything! God bless!

And God bless you!

©Katie Kidwell, 2018 The Living Of Loving


The Lightening Tree and the Old Snake Fence

The tree and the fence made light of  it…

This story was published in 2015 in Thursday’s Story @ Living For the Present Moment which is no longer online.

     Today on my walk, I stopped at the large spruce tree on Keene Road.  We are old friends.  Long ago, it was hit by lightening but has since healed over with weathered bark.  At the base of this tree a snake fence  corner remains.  Here where it has sprawled I use to sit on the highest rail.  The last time I sat there I took a biting red ant home.

Once, I sat there with old deaf Muffin who could not climb the bank to be with me.  I watched as my neighbors car came crawling down the road.  Without seeing me up on the fence he steered his car towards a dog with it’s back to him.

I yelled, “Howdy neighbor!”

His window was down, and I saw his jaw drop and his eyes pop as he quickly grabbed the wheel over.  After he was gone I realized what had almost happened.  The tree and the fence made light of it and I never told Muffin.  Yet I’m telling you now, twenty years later.

This tree is a landmark tree.  One that looks like Christmas every winter.  I’ve opened many gifts of thought here.

This morning I stopped at the tree and the fence.  They are inseparable.  I see the purple asters growing in a clump like they were placed in a vase held by tree roots.  The other table dressings – a spray of Rose hips here and there.  The rock seemed as always, perfectly placed while the logs of the snake…were singing.

This made me smile.  “No wonder the tree looks so good,” I thought.  The round end of the logs looked me straight in the eye.  “Yes,” I continued my thoughts, “the roots of the tree and everything around has benefited from you and your singing.”  After all these years, a compliment is due…

This is my story of a wild spot just off the highway not far from my house.  Never think a tree is dead when it becomes something else, like a fence.  With awareness of our earth it’s possible to hear the songs.  They are irresistible.

©Katie Kidwell, 2018 The Living Of Loving

© 2015 “Living For The Present Moment Now” no longer on-line




Katie Kidwell

Katie, the Cariboo Song Rider
Art by Wendy Liddle, CCI

This is what I wrote when I first started here…

Hi and welcome.  This site is under construction.  Right now there is lots of snow and cold so I expect to have extra time provided my satellite connection allows me to work here.  Right now I’m on wi-fi at the Moose.

I will leave you with one of my quotes to digest.

“Love rules – all ways!”


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