One Creative Day For You (the 24 hour fast)

Katie Kidwell Author of The 24 Hour Fast, Guidance and Recipes

My Uncle Roger was a Healer and worked with many people all over the world from his home in Loveland, Colorado. Some people called him, and some got on planes to see him. One day when I was visiting my Aunt Dorothy, I overheard him giving the instructions for his 24 hour fast. It seemed many people wanted to fast yet couldn’t find the time in their busy work lives. This method, my Uncle pioneered, was having great results with working people. Too bad I didn’t try it right away!

Two years later, I did! Wow! So here are the instructions for his 24 Hour Fast along with three recipes I have found useful in it. Two of the recipes are Gluten Free and one is not.

Remember to be wise with your body. Share what you are doing with others. Especially if you are under the care of a doctor.

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The 24 Hour Fast (Guidance and Recipes)
“One Creative Day For You”

©Katie Kidwell, 2019 The Living Of Loving
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Katie Kidwell is a cheerleader for creative hearts everywhere.  With experience in music, writing and art.  Her inspiring stories on the creative way she has lived are here on her blog “The Living Of Loving”.  She also works as a commission artist.

Bound To Forgive (a painting)

This week’s blog is a painting and a poem.  Though created years apart I feel they compliment each other.   Chaos and Forgiveness?  What do you think?

©Bound To Forgive (Oil), Katie Kidwell


His Chaos Into Art

How much wisdom there seems to be
In the man who can with bended knee
convert his Chaos Into Art
and see his bit as grand-full part;
Then sanctify his daily deed
with expressions of abundant seed.
He grows to live and give and learn
and so much more is his return
©Katie Kidwell, 1996

From my poetry collection:  Freedom Is My Nature, Victory Is My Song
©GWJ Creative Art, 2019

Katie Kidwell is a cheerleader for creative hearts everywhere.  With experience in music, writing and art.  Her inspiring stories on the creative way she has lived are here on her blog “The Living Of Loving”.  She also works as a commission artist.

Where The Secrets Are

Glen Canyon, Colorado River (Oil) by Katie

In 2003 I painted this 8 x 10 oil while sitting outside of our RV in Yuma, Arizona. Out of an Arizona Highways magazine, I had found this photo of a beautiful place of water, rocks and blue sky. And it was amplified by reflection!

It was written down in the magazine to be in Glen Canyon and one of the very few places on the Colorado River unaltered. For sure, this made it even more attractive to paint.

But if my paintbrushes were to talk about it, they would tell you it was the yellow cliffs. I kept going back to them in fascination and enough to remember this later on.

As an artist just starting with oils, I had no routine. So I went for it on the canvas by deciding I would not draw it on but feel it on with brush and paint. It would be my second oil painting.

Years later I have learned about the natural “green” in the water and how much damage the Glen Canyon Dam/Lake Powell has done on the Colorado River. Here is a link if you would like to watch: Rediscovering Glen Canyon’s lost wonders by Kayak.

But the story I want to tell you is the one I caught on TV a few years ago. Remember the yellow cliffs?

A prospector in the early 1900s discovered a cave well hidden up there. Inside he found what he described to be “shiny metal machinery” and artefacts and symbols the like of which he had never seen before. Some of the items were hard to describe. So he went to the local newspaper and reported his find.

When he went back, he got lost and had trouble finding the entrance. After many months of searching, he found it again, but this time the entrance was sealed in thick cement. No one in the Government would talk to him about it.

“Hmmm…I thought. I remember those cliffs…I remember how my brushes kept wanting to dance there… So I no longer call my painting by its place “Glen Canyon” but by its mystery: “Where the secrets are”.

©Katie Kidwell, 2019 The Living Of Loving
©GWJ Creative Art

Katie Kidwell is a cheerleader for creative hearts everywhere.  With experience in music, writing and art.  Her inspiring stories on the creative way she has lived are here on her blog “The Living Of Loving”.   She also works as a commission artist.  

The River

©Colorado River, Glen Canyon (Oil) by Katie “Where The Secrets Are”

“I have often felt we are moved as rivers with Gods blessing afloat in us.” 

I met Shelley Hitz on facebook through Matt Tommey’s Created To Thrive Artist Group. Among other achievements she is the author of “Even Broken Crayons Still Colour”. The other day she posted on Facebook a personal experience with obstacles. A lot of people responded to the post. Here is mine:

 I have always remembered what Helen Gurley Brown said in a TV interview. “Creative people are like rivers. When they are stopped, they find their way around what has stopped them because they are creative, and they must move.” I have often felt we are moved as rivers with Gods blessing afloat in us. What stops us is just an illusion or at least a time to float and see what the clouds show...

This TV interview with Helen Gurley Brown took place in the ’80s while I was out at the ranch. I have never forgotten it. At the time, I was trying to understand all the detours of my career. But a successful woman was putting it into perspective, and now everything was making sense.

It’s been my experience that creative people inspire creative people. There is an authentic exchange when we know our creativity comes from the creator.  Any detours we have to make are opportunities.  So I love the analogy of the “River” in this.  

I can recommend following Shelley Hitz if you are a creative person. She will teach you how to sell on Etsy, write your book and give you free calligraphy sheets to practise. I expect as a “River” she will be about even more than what I’ve listed here. I know I am.

©Katie Kidwell, 2019 “The Living Of Loving”
©GWJ Creative Art

The Stone Throne

Juniper Beach Provincial Park/Thompson River

On my yearly fall visit to Juniper Beach, I was once again scouting out the dry river bottom.  At this time of the year, the river is at it’s lowest. Here the rocks and the lay of the land changes after every spring flood.

This year the river has left more talking stones…and fewer “big” rocks to sit on.

Most of the stones are small and round…so I’m having this conversation with myself.

“If I find a rock to sit down on, will I be able to get up?”

Then I laugh. This thought has to be a sign of getting older…Now the rock has to be not only “sit-able” but within my ability to get up from …

My chuckle on this follows me down the river where off in the distance, I can see the shape of something foreign. Something washed down in the spring freshet. At first, it looks like somebody’s armchair but soon it’s smooth round curve makes it a noticeable tire or inner tube or something like that…I have to check this out. It is calling me.

Walking and balancing on the rocks, I make my way to an incredible piece of living sculpture. As you can see, it is a “rock” chair, shaped, polished and positioned just for sitting and gazing at the river! I call it the Stone Throne. Already a bird has taken liberties there.

Thank you, Great Creator. You always know what I need. So imagine my surprise when I sat down and looked to my right.

Two talking stones lined up, with their message only visible to someone sitting on the throne. It was personal. The top stone had my Mother’s favourite sticker sign, the one she put on my gifts…the happy face. My shock, however, was on the other rock.

This summer, I’ve been studying the symbols of Mu and had started a water-colour of one while camping at Howard Lake. It is the symbol of the “Butterfly in the Universe spreading Law and Order.” The shape on the stone is exact. Some people might find an experience like this creepy…but I find it “God some”. Someone knows what I’m doing!

So while I was camping at Juniper, I made it a point to start and end my days sitting on the Stone Throne.

Like years before, nothing of the riverbed will be the same next year except there might be more green…and not where it was this year…

P.S.  While I was sitting on the Stone Throne, the river told me some stories.  So I wrote them down.  “Sky Brother” is one of them.  Look for it soon…

©Katie Kidwell, The Living Of Loving Blog, 2019
Previously published ©2015 at “Living For The Present Moment Now”(no longer online)  and “True to You” (no longer online)

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On Being Popular

“Remembering Jonathan” by Katie

Some months after my parents, Jim and Grace Moore moved their trailer into the Canadian Headquarters of the Emissaries of Divine Light, my mother wrote a letter. She addressed it to the leader of the Emissaries, Lord Martin Cecil, who was now her neighbour.

She wrote to let him know she was thankful to be participating in the vision of the Third Sacred School and to thank him for his leadership in this.

Then she added: “But I wouldn’t win a popularity contest here.”

That Sunday at service, he answered her, woven in without any background of her letter and fitting to his one hour talk. It was simple: “You’re in a bad way if you can win a popularity contest.”

I imagine my mother seated in the log chapel with a big smile on her face. She talked about this letter and others into her later years.

My mother wasn’t popular with the women’s group on-site, but she had friends who “loved what she loved.” She was also a magnet to strangers who had an open heart. — Getting off the greyhound bus with strangers continuing to write to her years later because they sat beside her and enjoyed the conversation. In her care home, one lady stranger wanted her wheelchair beside my mother’s. As she explained to me, “I feel good when I’m beside your mother.”

I tell you the story of my mother’s letter because of the information it gives and reminder. How it is recognized in the bible, “When men hate and revile you, be exceedingly glad because then you know you are doing the Lord’s work.”

No New Age author will ever embrace this bible teaching. They wouldn’t sell books if they did. They will accuse you of “projecting” and offer their works so you can fix your “projector”.

It is peculiar to those who love and serve the Lord with an open heart that life will bring your enemies in various ways. I say what my Aunt Dorthy often told to everyone and everything: “Bless their heart!”

If you’ve had the experience of being unpopular at certain times in your life, chances are you were doing something different and perhaps more reflective of the real world within you.

There are pay-offs for people who don’t like us. Once you understand this, you realize what even the New Age people know is true:

A finger in the hand pointing has three fingers pointing back.

Remember this.

©Katie Kidwell, 2019 The Living Of Loving
@GWJ Creative Art

Storm Fish (Thunder and Lightning)

Storm Fish w.c. on canvas paper ©Katie GWJ Creative Art

In light of the recent rain and lightning…I am reminded of the worst lightning storm in my experience.

It was the summer of 2016 at Howard Lake, camping in the isolated spot we call “The Legend”. Where we are right on the water, under tall pines, and looking down the lake towards the far end.

A few days before an American couple and their dog had stopped by our camp for a visit.

Our talk turned to the weather and I was asked if I had ever seen the “blue flash”? I had never heard of it. He explained “When a bolt of lightning comes down to earth – the earth rises up to meet it with a blue flash of her own. The man telling me this had spent his life looking for this phenomenon and had yet to see it.

 The next day I started a new painting. I was working with a fish shape I had in my painting “Raven’s Land” and with something still new to me – “canvas paper”. I wanted to play around. So I did. I even used a Raven’s feather with the paint. It turned out pretty wild looking.

It suited the night to come…

The flashes and bolts of lightning were continuous through most of the night. The thunder shook our motor home. Thank God we were on rubber wheels and as long as the trees stayed put… I decided my fish painting would be called Storm Fish, with the second title of Thunder and Lightening.

The next morning I met the American couple on my walk. He was definitely excited about the night.

That’s right! He saw the blue flash and wanted to know if I had seen it too?
No, but in one of those lake flashes, I saw a boat with a man in it wearing a sou’wester. In the next flash and thunder boom, he was gone. Blink…Blink…
©Katie Kidwell, The Living Of Loving, 2019
©GWJ Creative Art

My Ten Step Guide To Cooking

Oil 2007 ©GWJ Creative Art,

As you can see in the painting, nature provides and shares food all the time.  In the spirit of this, I wrote my 10 step guide in 2015 for my blogs True to You and Living For The Present Moment Now.  I called it “Kathy Kidwell’s 10 step guide to cooking”.  Looking at the list today I still agree with it.  My fondest memories of human interaction have been around food and sharing it.

So here it is and if you want to add to it you can do so in the comment box.

My 10 Step Guide To Cooking

1.   Cooking is better for you than eating is.
2.  Cooking for others who live with you is twice as good.
3.  Cooking for someone you don’t live with, is the best.
Up to 10x’s better.
4.  Sharing the food you’ve prepared is a natural exercise you can do,
Every day
5.  Eat only enough to know it tastes good.  You won’t go hungry as others will fill you up with kind words.
6.  Food supplies will find you.  People will hand them to you with great anticipation.
7.  Heartburn will be a thing of the past.
8.  Heart joy will be your constant companion.
9.  Recipes and ideas will flood your every cooking moment.
10.  If you do the dishes you will jinx everything listed above.
Enjoy Life! ♥                     Share Food! ♥

©Katie Kidwell, 2019 The Living Of Loving
©Previously Published as Kathy’s 10 Step Guide To Cooking, 2015

The Love Manifesto (Have You Written Yours?)

Author Katie Kidwell

In light of recent events…what is the solution?  For you and I and the whole world, I am suggesting a rising.
A rising of Love in the language of every culture on this planet. Let it be: The Love Manifesto. Let it be yours.

The action part of the manifesto is “manifest”. So what you write in your Love Manifesto has the power of action. It could be written on a napkin in a restaurant or etched on a stone in a field. Sign it, and it becomes active. You can use initials or any word you love about yourself.

The marks and words of Love are not for your eyes only. Chances are an Angel will move it further down the road. One day you will notice something beautiful, out in the world, with your name on it!

Knowing we will be followed all the days of our life – write your Manifesto of Love. Make a paper plane out of it and let it go. From time to time – write a new one. Make it your biggest secret or tell everyone you know.

Remember, Angels, are waiting on us with boomerangs.

So play alive and write your Manifesto of Love as only you can.

Here’s to the rising – already in place.

See you there.

©Katie Kidwell, the Living Of Loving, 2019
©GWJ Creative Art

Healthy Garlic Champagne (A Recipe)

Heritage Garlic from Splendour View Garden

Garlic has many health benefits besides removing toxins.  It’s good for the heart (garlic lovers love garlic) and it’s good for balancing blood sugar.  Often referred to as the “stinking rose” I grew Heritage Garlic (Music & Russian) for many years at Splendour View Garden.  

Today I would like to leave you with something good for you and your breath.  The recipe is called Garlic Champagne.  How I got this recipe is a story I will write someday.  But for now, you can rest assure the “ageing” part of this brew removes the odour within a few moments on the breath.  My husband and other’s have tested this.  I couldn’t because as a long-time user I don’t smell it anymore.

If cholesterol levels or circulation are something you’re thinking about, give this recipe a try along with all the other good stuff you’re doing… AND let me know what improvements it makes in your life!

(1 Tbsp/day)

In a blender, in batches blend:
8 large cloves of garlic
6 lemons peeled in sections – not juiced as
the fibre of the lemons is important
1 -1/2 cups of honey
4 cups of water
1 tsp cayenne (opt. amt)
Keep in the fridge in a glass jar
Stir once a day for 8 days
Strain through cheesecloth
Refrigerate in glass container

This recipe will last in the fridge until finished as the honey and lemon are natural preserves.  You can also up the 1 Tbsp/day to 2 or 3 if you feel a cold coming on.


©Katie Kidwell, The Living Of Loving, 2019
previously published @ True To You, 2015 (no longer on-line)
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