One Creative Day For You (the 24 hour fast)

Katie Kidwell Author of The 24 Hour Fast, Guidance and Recipes

My Uncle Roger was a Healer and worked with many people all over the world from his home in Loveland, Colorado. Some people called him, and some got on planes to see him. One day when I was visiting my Aunt Dorothy, I overheard him giving the instructions for his 24 hour fast. It seemed many people wanted to fast yet couldn’t find the time in their busy work lives. This method, my Uncle pioneered, was having great results with working people. Too bad I didn’t try it right away!

Two years later, I did! Wow! So here are the instructions for his 24 Hour Fast along with three recipes I have found useful in it. Two of the recipes are Gluten Free and one is not.

Remember to be wise with your body. Share what you are doing with others. Especially if you are under the care of a doctor.

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The 24 Hour Fast (Guidance and Recipes)
“One Creative Day For You”

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Katie Kidwell is a cheerleader for creative hearts everywhere.  With experience in music, writing and art.  Her inspiring stories on the creative way she has lived are here on her blog “The Living Of Loving”.  She also works as a commission artist.

My Ten Step Guide To Cooking

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As you can see in the painting, nature provides and shares food all the time.  In the spirit of this, I wrote my 10 step guide in 2015 for my blogs True to You and Living For The Present Moment Now.  I called it “Kathy Kidwell’s 10 step guide to cooking”.  Looking at the list today I still agree with it.  My fondest memories of human interaction have been around food and sharing it.

So here it is and if you want to add to it you can do so in the comment box.

My 10 Step Guide To Cooking

1.   Cooking is better for you than eating is.
2.  Cooking for others who live with you is twice as good.
3.  Cooking for someone you don’t live with, is the best.
Up to 10x’s better.
4.  Sharing the food you’ve prepared is a natural exercise you can do,
Every day
5.  Eat only enough to know it tastes good.  You won’t go hungry as others will fill you up with kind words.
6.  Food supplies will find you.  People will hand them to you with great anticipation.
7.  Heartburn will be a thing of the past.
8.  Heart joy will be your constant companion.
9.  Recipes and ideas will flood your every cooking moment.
10.  If you do the dishes you will jinx everything listed above.
Enjoy Life! ♥                     Share Food! ♥

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©Previously Published as Kathy’s 10 Step Guide To Cooking, 2015

Healthy Garlic Champagne (A Recipe)

Heritage Garlic from Splendour View Garden

Garlic has many health benefits besides removing toxins.  It’s good for the heart (garlic lovers love garlic) and it’s good for balancing blood sugar.  Often referred to as the “stinking rose” I grew Heritage Garlic (Music & Russian) for many years at Splendour View Garden.  

Today I would like to leave you with something good for you and your breath.  The recipe is called Garlic Champagne.  How I got this recipe is a story I will write someday.  But for now, you can rest assure the “ageing” part of this brew removes the odour within a few moments on the breath.  My husband and other’s have tested this.  I couldn’t because as a long-time user I don’t smell it anymore.

If cholesterol levels or circulation are something you’re thinking about, give this recipe a try along with all the other good stuff you’re doing… AND let me know what improvements it makes in your life!

(1 Tbsp/day)

In a blender, in batches blend:
8 large cloves of garlic
6 lemons peeled in sections – not juiced as
the fibre of the lemons is important
1 -1/2 cups of honey
4 cups of water
1 tsp cayenne (opt. amt)
Keep in the fridge in a glass jar
Stir once a day for 8 days
Strain through cheesecloth
Refrigerate in glass container

This recipe will last in the fridge until finished as the honey and lemon are natural preserves.  You can also up the 1 Tbsp/day to 2 or 3 if you feel a cold coming on.


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