A Tribute To Old Moore’s

Jim Moore’s wine label with art and poem by my Mother, Grace Moore

For many years the last weekend in November was on reserve. For over a decade this weekend was held by my family for my Father’s Annual “Old Moore’s” Wine Party. At the end of his life, these parties were 100 plus regular folks interested in an evening of sharing and storytelling. No one got drunk.

The food, prepared with love, came from all his family members and was served in a decorated space beyond any Banquet Hall you may remember. It was private, and it was meaningful.

There were music and singing and sometimes dancing. Here my Father, the Wine Master, sat nursing his old Navy drink of Rum, behind his vast array of coloured wine bottles, asking each person to choose. So many different fruits. A new one every year, it seemed.

In front of their guests, my Father and Mother spoke about the importance of sharing and being with others. Watching them, I knew they were leading by example. They knew the power of knowing your neighbour and inviting your repairman and your bank teller and the man who changes your tires. I call it: “The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker.”

So for my first blog in December at the Living Of Loving, I am posting their story to celebrate friendship, close and extended. I think of my parents as community builders.

This is my Mother’s poem on the Old Moore’s label:

Fruit is made into wine
Enjoy it while you dine
Loving deeds can build a home
Where the wine of Life is Known

In honour of my parents love for gathering and sharing, I am posting a cartoon drawn of my Father, Jim Moore, by Cowboy Cartoonist Wendy Liddle; along with the limericks and poems that were written over the years for my Father’s homemade wines.  I hope you feel inspired to invite people over this season.  Share a coffee, a story or extend a hand to a neighbour.  Who knows what limerick is waiting for us!

Jim Moore Winemaker “Rhubarb”


There once was a ‘dande’ named Jim,
Whose crock contained “lions” to the brim.
The brew turned out fine,
Rich dandelion wine;
If you want some, why not ask him?

A winemaking genius named Jim,
Filled stone crocks with water to the brim,
Then with magic divine
Turned the water into wine;
The Master had nothing on him.

There once was a man named Jim,
Who was quite famous for his gin
But there came a time
When he turned to wine
And the dandy-lion he is, is in him.

There once was a connoisseur named Jim
Whose view of Carling’s was dim,
So he gathered some “dandies”
And made us fine brandies.
Oh, boy, were those drinks full of vim!

There once was a Moore called Jim
Who put himself out on a limb.
His wine was so great
So pleasing the palate
There was never any left for him.

Old Moore is mighty handy
At producing wines and brandy;
He serves his product grandly
Which devotees think just dandy!

O golden brilliant, melliferous wine,
I’ll drink yet again of that nectar divine!
Jim may pour some out
For some other red snout
But God help the man who takes mine!

The bounties of nature are many, I think:
Fruits, flowers and veggies end up in our sink
Let others make jams
Grow peas or cured hams
But let Jim make his glorious drink!

Have a blessing day!

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The 28 Day Twitter Art Challenge

Abe the abominable snowman, acrylic (Universal Folklore)

In 2015 I participated in a Twitter Art Challenge hosted by #kidlitart.  The tag for that challenge on Twitter is #kidlitart28.  The challenge is for the month of February and goes like this.

One drawing/day for 28 days and it must be drawn in 28 minutes.

I chose to illustrate my 1988 South Cariboo Children’s Festival Theme Song,  Magical, Mythical Monsters – Monsters from A – Z.  My imagination went wild as I chose my alphabetical monsters out of Wikipedia.  I went no further than their name and geographical locations (folklore).  I didn’t want any picture “influence”.

I had a lot of fun over those 28 days, posting on Twitter, my 28 minutes sketched “monsters” according to the alphabet.  I also included two characters to make up the 28 days.  In this case, following the lyrics of my song I created a “star child” who had signed out his monster book from the “Librarian Moon”.

I highly recommend the imaginative experience I had drawing the “unknown”.  Since then I have gone on to create a colouring book from my sketches and to paint some of the characters I created.  Abe the abominable snowman for the letter (A) is one of them as is the Greek Garden Nymph for the letter (G).

I have a board at Pinterest of the rough sketches I made which you can view here.  Magical, Mythical Monsters

My 1988 Children’s Festival Song is at Soundcloud if you would like to listen.   It is a song about a young boy who signs out a library book on Monsters from A to Z only to have them come to life in his bedroom.  The monsters win him over with their magical nice monster ways and now his book is overdue at the library.  I had a lot of fun teaching the schools in assembly this song with growls, whistles and clucks.

As I said using your imagination to draw “the unknown” is lots of fun and I highly recommend it.  If you are someone who feels a special connection with something outside of yourself or inside maybe you could draw it out?  Give it a character and a name.

Somehow right now I hear Tiny Tim singing, Tip Toe Through the Tulips.

You and I both know a song like that will never come again but we all know the message it holds and it’s a creative one!  So start tiptoeing…

Garden Nymph (Greek Folklore) Oil

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Katie Kidwell is a cheerleader for creative hearts everywhere.  With experience in music, writing and art.  Her inspiring stories on the creative way she has lived are here on her blog “The Living Of Loving”.  She also works as a commission artist.





Listening To Your Innards

Author, Katie Kidwell

“Honour begins with accepting that what we do, large or small, matters.”
James Webb

All my life, I’ve been blessed with guidance. That is not to say I haven’t been stuck with wonderin’. If you asked me now, I would still tell you, “I’m not sure what I will be when I grow up.” I don’t know if it will ever be explainable to others what all my activities were about and what my “shingle” to the world should have on it now. But I do know, listening has got me this far and with lots of fun souvenirs. I call it, “listening to your innards”.

Like the other day, when I was in Value Village…We could call it “a voice” but let’s be creative here and substitute “an urge”.

An urge came over me, with directions to head for the books. Yes, a book was there, waiting for me now!

You know it’s just like a game. You have to hear the whistle, and you have to want to play. So I’m game, and I head for the books, a place I don’t visit too often at Value Village. In no time I see a book:  Blogging for Dummies. It’s the third edition and already five years old. New it sold for $29.99 Canadian but now is $3.99. I quickly look through it and figure the “timeless” info there is worth $3.99, even though I know a lot of it will be outdated. I’m new to blogging, so it gives me some info I didn’t have before…

The urge says, “Take it, but that’s not the book, keep looking!”

I like “the urge”. We have a long-standing friendship…and there it was. A book title starting with “Magical”…

Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads
(Tools and Techniques for Profitable Persuasion)
by Roy H. Williams (the Wizard)  (Bard Press) published 2001

   The first story that opened when I picked it up was near the back of the book, and it was on Dr Seuss. Since buying the book and starting at the beginning, I have read another Dr Seuss, and yesterday my coffee shop had a traveller writing on the blackboard…Yes, a Dr Seusse quote. So serendipity likes this book too.

Besides Dr Seuss, there are fascinating true stories here where the “Wizard” uses his unique observations on the roles of neuroscience, chaos theory, poetry and art and the role they play “in the field of human persuasion”. Roy H. Williams is described as an “amazing explorer” who is constantly looking for new truths.

The Titles of the Contents in this book are above and beyond imagination. Some of them being:

  Speaking Worlds Into Existence
Did Your Valedictorian Get Rich?
Think Big, Start Small

I recommend this book to all who are working in the field of business, advertising and sales. I also recommend it to those who love the duality of Art and Science told through true stories.

So once again, I am thanking my guidance, “the urge”. The urge told me where to go and what to do. I believe we honour, the small and the large moments, and it all matters when we truly listen.

What is your experience in, “Listening To Your Innards?” 

If you’ve have had a similar experience you want to share here, or maybe you have read this book, The Wizard of Ads or other books by Roy H Williams, then please comment in the box below. I always answer.

Listening To Your Innards
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Katie Kidwell is a cheerleader for creative hearts everywhere.  With experience in music, writing and art.  Her inspiring stories on the creative way she has lived are here on her blog “The Living Of Loving”.  She also works as a commission artist.

My Back Step

The Greek Garden Nymph by Katie (Oil)

I like to play my guitar on the back steps, facing my garden.  Beyond the garden, the back end of Porridge Forest sprawls.  Over the years different birds have flown through the garden and perched on the fence to watch me.  I accepted their coming and going as part of the notes of the song I was playing…or should I say – we were playing?

The evening I’m writing about a hummingbird landed on the top wire.  Facing me with wings folded and a shrug from each shoulder.  Hummingbirds are seldom still.  It isn’t in their nature.  I expected the hummingbird to leave.  Five songs later, with no pause between…the hummingbird had stopped shrugging his shoulders and replaced it with a slow nod of the head…

As it started to get dark I was asking myself silent questions like:

“Do hummingbirds fly in the dark?”

I never missed a beat on the guitar and my voice soared…that is how it is when you have an amazing audience.  One that is obviously affected.  Just as the last of the light was in the sky I leaned forward and said:

“Shouldn’t you be going home now?”

As if on cue – the hummingbird flew and I took my guitar inside.

Ask me about the stages I’ve been on and my back step at Porridge Forest is still my favourite.

Katie the Cariboo Song Rider performing @ Lone Butte Rocks 2016

©Katie Kidwell, The Living Of Loving, 2019
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“My Back Step” part of Katie’s 2017 “The Little Birds That Fly” Parkside Gallery Show

Katie Kidwell is a cheerleader for creative hearts everywhere.  With experience in music, writing and art.  Her inspiring stories on the creative way she has lived are here on her blog “The Living Of Loving”.  She also works as a commission artist.


One Creative Day For You (the 24 hour fast)

Katie Kidwell Author of The 24 Hour Fast, Guidance and Recipes

My Uncle Roger was a Healer and worked with many people all over the world from his home in Loveland, Colorado. Some people called him, and some got on planes to see him. One day when I was visiting my Aunt Dorothy, I overheard him giving the instructions for his 24 hour fast. It seemed many people wanted to fast yet couldn’t find the time in their busy work lives. This method, my Uncle pioneered, was having great results with working people. Too bad I didn’t try it right away!

Two years later, I did! Wow! So here are the instructions for his 24 Hour Fast along with three recipes I have found useful in it. Two of the recipes are Gluten Free and one is not.

Remember to be wise with your body. Share what you are doing with others. Especially if you are under the care of a doctor.

I have written my book as a pdf file download.  Available here and at my store for $8.00 US.  Secure payment with PayPal or credit/debit card

The 24 Hour Fast (Guidance and Recipes)
“One Creative Day For You”

©Katie Kidwell, 2019 The Living Of Loving
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Katie Kidwell is a cheerleader for creative hearts everywhere.  With experience in music, writing and art.  Her inspiring stories on the creative way she has lived are here on her blog “The Living Of Loving”.  She also works as a commission artist.

The River

©Colorado River, Glen Canyon (Oil) by Katie “Where The Secrets Are”

“I have often felt we are moved as rivers with Gods blessing afloat in us.” 

I met Shelley Hitz on facebook through Matt Tommey’s Created To Thrive Artist Group. Among other achievements she is the author of “Even Broken Crayons Still Colour”. The other day she posted on Facebook a personal experience with obstacles. A lot of people responded to the post. Here is mine:

 I have always remembered what Helen Gurley Brown said in a TV interview. “Creative people are like rivers. When they are stopped, they find their way around what has stopped them because they are creative, and they must move.” I have often felt we are moved as rivers with Gods blessing afloat in us. What stops us is just an illusion or at least a time to float and see what the clouds show...

This TV interview with Helen Gurley Brown took place in the ’80s while I was out at the ranch. I have never forgotten it. At the time, I was trying to understand all the detours of my career. But a successful woman was putting it into perspective, and now everything was making sense.

It’s been my experience that creative people inspire creative people. There is an authentic exchange when we know our creativity comes from the creator.  Any detours we have to make are opportunities.  So I love the analogy of the “River” in this.  

I can recommend following Shelley Hitz if you are a creative person. She will teach you how to sell on Etsy, write your book and give you free calligraphy sheets to practise. I expect as a “River” she will be about even more than what I’ve listed here. I know I am.

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The Stone Throne

Juniper Beach Provincial Park/Thompson River

On my yearly fall visit to Juniper Beach, I was once again scouting out the dry river bottom.  At this time of the year, the river is at it’s lowest. Here the rocks and the lay of the land changes after every spring flood.

This year the river has left more talking stones…and fewer “big” rocks to sit on.

Most of the stones are small and round…so I’m having this conversation with myself.

“If I find a rock to sit down on, will I be able to get up?”

Then I laugh. This thought has to be a sign of getting older…Now the rock has to be not only “sit-able” but within my ability to get up from …

My chuckle on this follows me down the river where off in the distance, I can see the shape of something foreign. Something washed down in the spring freshet. At first, it looks like somebody’s armchair but soon it’s smooth round curve makes it a noticeable tire or inner tube or something like that…I have to check this out. It is calling me.

Walking and balancing on the rocks, I make my way to an incredible piece of living sculpture. As you can see, it is a “rock” chair, shaped, polished and positioned just for sitting and gazing at the river! I call it the Stone Throne. Already a bird has taken liberties there.

Thank you, Great Creator. You always know what I need. So imagine my surprise when I sat down and looked to my right.

Two talking stones lined up, with their message only visible to someone sitting on the throne. It was personal. The top stone had my Mother’s favourite sticker sign, the one she put on my gifts…the happy face. My shock, however, was on the other rock.

This summer, I’ve been studying the symbols of Mu and had started a water-colour of one while camping at Howard Lake. It is the symbol of the “Butterfly in the Universe spreading Law and Order.” The shape on the stone is exact. Some people might find an experience like this creepy…but I find it “God some”. Someone knows what I’m doing!

So while I was camping at Juniper, I made it a point to start and end my days sitting on the Stone Throne.

Like years before, nothing of the riverbed will be the same next year except there might be more green…and not where it was this year…

P.S.  While I was sitting on the Stone Throne, the river told me some stories.  So I wrote them down.  “Sky Brother” is one of them.  Look for it soon…

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Previously published ©2015 at “Living For The Present Moment Now”(no longer online)  and “True to You” (no longer online)

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On Being Popular

“Remembering Jonathan” by Katie

Some months after my parents, Jim and Grace Moore moved their trailer into the Canadian Headquarters of the Emissaries of Divine Light, my mother wrote a letter. She addressed it to the leader of the Emissaries, Lord Martin Cecil, who was now her neighbour.

She wrote to let him know she was thankful to be participating in the vision of the Third Sacred School and to thank him for his leadership in this.

Then she added: “But I wouldn’t win a popularity contest here.”

That Sunday at service, he answered her, woven in without any background of her letter and fitting to his one hour talk. It was simple: “You’re in a bad way if you can win a popularity contest.”

I imagine my mother seated in the log chapel with a big smile on her face. She talked about this letter and others into her later years.

My mother wasn’t popular with the women’s group on-site, but she had friends who “loved what she loved.” She was also a magnet to strangers who had an open heart. — Getting off the greyhound bus with strangers continuing to write to her years later because they sat beside her and enjoyed the conversation. In her care home, one lady stranger wanted her wheelchair beside my mother’s. As she explained to me, “I feel good when I’m beside your mother.”

I tell you the story of my mother’s letter because of the information it gives and reminder. How it is recognized in the bible, “When men hate and revile you, be exceedingly glad because then you know you are doing the Lord’s work.”

No New Age author will ever embrace this bible teaching. They wouldn’t sell books if they did. They will accuse you of “projecting” and offer their works so you can fix your “projector”.

It is peculiar to those who love and serve the Lord with an open heart that life will bring your enemies in various ways. I say what my Aunt Dorthy often told to everyone and everything: “Bless their heart!”

If you’ve had the experience of being unpopular at certain times in your life, chances are you were doing something different and perhaps more reflective of the real world within you.

There are pay-offs for people who don’t like us. Once you understand this, you realize what even the New Age people know is true:

A finger in the hand pointing has three fingers pointing back.

Remember this.

©Katie Kidwell, 2019 The Living Of Loving
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My Ten Step Guide To Cooking

Oil 2007 ©GWJ Creative Art,

As you can see in the painting, nature provides and shares food all the time.  In the spirit of this, I wrote my 10 step guide in 2015 for my blogs True to You and Living For The Present Moment Now.  I called it “Kathy Kidwell’s 10 step guide to cooking”.  Looking at the list today I still agree with it.  My fondest memories of human interaction have been around food and sharing it.

So here it is and if you want to add to it you can do so in the comment box.

My 10 Step Guide To Cooking

1.   Cooking is better for you than eating is.
2.  Cooking for others who live with you is twice as good.
3.  Cooking for someone you don’t live with, is the best.
Up to 10x’s better.
4.  Sharing the food you’ve prepared is a natural exercise you can do,
Every day
5.  Eat only enough to know it tastes good.  You won’t go hungry as others will fill you up with kind words.
6.  Food supplies will find you.  People will hand them to you with great anticipation.
7.  Heartburn will be a thing of the past.
8.  Heart joy will be your constant companion.
9.  Recipes and ideas will flood your every cooking moment.
10.  If you do the dishes you will jinx everything listed above.
Enjoy Life! ♥                     Share Food! ♥

©Katie Kidwell, 2019 The Living Of Loving
©Previously Published as Kathy’s 10 Step Guide To Cooking, 2015

A Display Of White Daisy’s

©Angel Horse Card by Katie, 1974 Lino

I am writing this having come back from a long-overdue walk down my road. After two driveways, I observed my neighbours abandoned house and acreage. Here the horses died over the winter, and now their dirt pasture is a mass of daisies.

For 20 plus years, I knew Patches, Babe and Dusty. I like to think they knew me. Being able to talk about the evidence of this in this world is still pending…

This spring, I took a while to register their absence. I was still looking for the horses. Visible at the intersection every time my car returned home and when not visible…noticed. I didn’t realize how much I was watching, witnessing and when I could participating in what was the best I could do for them.

Now I like to think a display of white daisies on their earth table is their reward. What they really ate and what made them survivors and not sufferers.

This arrangement included in the early years the Black Lab “Blotto”. He was abandoned to a chain and a dog house to protect what an empty place can invite, how he dragged his dog house to show his enthusiasm for Jessey and me when we walked by — waiting to repeat the effort when we walked back. A few times he escaped and like all Labs slobbered his way down the road. A black flash oblivious to a heavy chain flying out like a ribbon on a kite.

We knew he was gone when the house and chain disappeared. But not before he spent a few weeks dragging his dog house without his back legs working. For several months Jessey turned her head as if to remind me we were walking by Blotto’s post. Jessey had empathy as most animals do.

You can’t start with what’s wrong to make something right. My neighbour knew I liked his horses and even asked me to ride them. I said no. But I phoned him every time the horses were out and in danger of the Highway. I helped him catch them ’cause wouldn’t you know they usually came to my house. Last spring I called him to let him know I didn’t like the way Patches was looking and were he aware?

So I’m telling you this story to emphasize what seeing Daisy’s in their pasture meant to me today. Here where there was never enough grass growing for three horses to eat. Tall waves of white dancing in the breeze.  I had tears in my eyes.

The daisies are telling me to celebrate. Celebrate the beauty of all those years.  Of the horse’s survival and how they were actually cared for by Life! In the presence and absence of suffering, they lived into old age, and that is their Victory. For Horse and Dog and one nosey neighbour maybe mine too.

©Katie Kidwell, 2019 The Living Of Loving
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