Pleasure And Fulfillment

Grace Moore’s 2007 Christmas Message

The following message was published in the 100 Mile House Free Press, the Christmas of 2007.  Having written a message for 2005 (The Light) and 2006 (Awakening To Greatness) this was her last published one (Pleasure and Fulfillment).

Pleasure And Fulfillment

Grace Moore
Emissaries of Divine Light

     Once again we move into the Christmas season.
     Thoughts of celebrating this special day with many people is in the consciousness of most people.  I was considering the possibilities of newness happening in our yearly family celebration by letting go of favourite traditions.
     I am blessed to look out my window in a beautiful valley.  The geese have gone south but horses and cows are frolicking about.  These outdoor scenes are real and possibly stirs up a longing in me to be authentic too.’
     Jesus gave a great message, “the truth will set you free.”
     In many parts of the world, the urge to be with family is symbolic of longing to share and be part of the Christ body that Jesus proclaimed was right here where the Kingdom is.
     At this time of year, thoughts of love and giving have increased in consciousness.  Because we are made in the image and likeness of God; I am aware that God’s gifts come through people, even Santa Claus.  How wonderful to share the Light with others and to let God’s blessings fill the Earth.
     Perhaps sometimes the usual greeting of “Merry Christmas” can transcend into “I love you” because angels are present everywhere finding pleasure and fulfillment.
     Merry Christmas.


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