One Creative Day For You (the 24 hour fast)

Katie Kidwell Author of The 24 Hour Fast, Guidance and Recipes

My Uncle Roger was a Healer and worked with many people all over the world from his home in Loveland, Colorado. Some people called him, and some got on planes to see him. One day when I was visiting my Aunt Dorothy, I overheard him giving the instructions for his 24 hour fast. It seemed many people wanted to fast yet couldn’t find the time in their busy work lives. This method, my Uncle pioneered, was having great results with working people. Too bad I didn’t try it right away!

Two years later, I did! Wow! So here are the instructions for his 24 Hour Fast along with three recipes I have found useful in it. Two of the recipes are Gluten Free and one is not.

Remember to be wise with your body. Share what you are doing with others. Especially if you are under the care of a doctor.

I have written my book as a pdf file download.  Available here and at my store for $8.00 US.  Secure payment with PayPal or credit/debit card

The 24 Hour Fast (Guidance and Recipes)
“One Creative Day For You”

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Katie Kidwell is a cheerleader for creative hearts everywhere.  With experience in music, writing and art.  Her inspiring stories on the creative way she has lived are here on her blog “The Living Of Loving”.  She also works as a commission artist.

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