Listening To Your Innards

Author, Katie Kidwell

“Honour begins with accepting that what we do, large or small, matters.”
James Webb

All my life, I’ve been blessed with guidance. That is not to say I haven’t been stuck with wonderin’. If you asked me now, I would still tell you, “I’m not sure what I will be when I grow up.” I don’t know if it will ever be explainable to others what all my activities were about and what my “shingle” to the world should have on it now. But I do know, listening has got me this far and with lots of fun souvenirs. I call it, “listening to your innards”.

Like the other day, when I was in Value Village…We could call it “a voice” but let’s be creative here and substitute “an urge”.

An urge came over me, with directions to head for the books. Yes, a book was there, waiting for me now!

You know it’s just like a game. You have to hear the whistle, and you have to want to play. So I’m game, and I head for the books, a place I don’t visit too often at Value Village. In no time I see a book:  Blogging for Dummies. It’s the third edition and already five years old. New it sold for $29.99 Canadian but now is $3.99. I quickly look through it and figure the “timeless” info there is worth $3.99, even though I know a lot of it will be outdated. I’m new to blogging, so it gives me some info I didn’t have before…

The urge says, “Take it, but that’s not the book, keep looking!”

I like “the urge”. We have a long-standing friendship…and there it was. A book title starting with “Magical”…

Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads
(Tools and Techniques for Profitable Persuasion)
by Roy H. Williams (the Wizard)  (Bard Press) published 2001

   The first story that opened when I picked it up was near the back of the book, and it was on Dr Seuss. Since buying the book and starting at the beginning, I have read another Dr Seuss, and yesterday my coffee shop had a traveller writing on the blackboard…Yes, a Dr Seusse quote. So serendipity likes this book too.

Besides Dr Seuss, there are fascinating true stories here where the “Wizard” uses his unique observations on the roles of neuroscience, chaos theory, poetry and art and the role they play “in the field of human persuasion”. Roy H. Williams is described as an “amazing explorer” who is constantly looking for new truths.

The Titles of the Contents in this book are above and beyond imagination. Some of them being:

  Speaking Worlds Into Existence
Did Your Valedictorian Get Rich?
Think Big, Start Small

I recommend this book to all who are working in the field of business, advertising and sales. I also recommend it to those who love the duality of Art and Science told through true stories.

So once again, I am thanking my guidance, “the urge”. The urge told me where to go and what to do. I believe we honour, the small and the large moments, and it all matters when we truly listen.

What is your experience in, “Listening To Your Innards?” 

If you’ve have had a similar experience you want to share here, or maybe you have read this book, The Wizard of Ads or other books by Roy H Williams, then please comment in the box below. I always answer.

Listening To Your Innards
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previously published ©K. Kidwell, 2015, True To You (no longer online)
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Katie Kidwell is a cheerleader for creative hearts everywhere.  With experience in music, writing and art.  Her inspiring stories on the creative way she has lived are here on her blog “The Living Of Loving”.  She also works as a commission artist.

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