Grace (a poem)

If you were lost in the desert
Without food or water…
How would you feel
When you stumbled upon
My lunch special board?
Would you ask why
My restaurant was here
Of all places?
Or would you say:
“Thank God, I found you!”

If you were driving down the road
And saw an open gate –
With a dirt road through a pasture…
Would you notice
The little church in the distance
With the lights on?
Would you turn around
For the welcome permission
To enter and be alone?
Or would you say:  “Why in Hell
Would anyone build a church
In the middle of nowhere…
Who’s going to come?”

Well, how did you think I arrived in the desert?
When you needed to be saved?
Did I question God about a feasibility study?
No, he knew we would need each other.

And the church I have built,
In the middle of nowhere…
Who gave me that dream?
Who told me you would turn around
And by Faith and by Grace
I would only see the tire tracks
The next morning…
But because you left His church
Your moment of “one-hell-of-a-heart-attack,”
That would have taken the lives of others,
Behind the wheel…was aborted.

I say by Faith and by Grace
And by Grace and by God
We affect each other
Like lines on a blueprint.

©Katie Kidwell, 2019

2 Replies to “Grace (a poem)”

  1. Katie
    Your unique writing touched me.
    I have done those “turn arounds”, always to find a gift that spoke to my heart or my soul. I am gladdened that you are memorializing them…
    maybe, because of you, others will begin to “turn around“ as well .

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