The Stone Throne

Juniper Beach Provincial Park/Thompson River

On my yearly fall visit to Juniper Beach, I was once again scouting out the dry river bottom.  At this time of the year, the river is at it’s lowest. Here the rocks and the lay of the land changes after every spring flood.

This year the river has left more talking stones…and fewer “big” rocks to sit on.

Most of the stones are small and round…so I’m having this conversation with myself.

“If I find a rock to sit down on, will I be able to get up?”

Then I laugh. This thought has to be a sign of getting older…Now the rock has to be not only “sit-able” but within my ability to get up from …

My chuckle on this follows me down the river where off in the distance, I can see the shape of something foreign. Something washed down in the spring freshet. At first, it looks like somebody’s armchair but soon it’s smooth round curve makes it a noticeable tire or inner tube or something like that…I have to check this out. It is calling me.

Walking and balancing on the rocks, I make my way to an incredible piece of living sculpture. As you can see, it is a “rock” chair, shaped, polished and positioned just for sitting and gazing at the river! I call it the Stone Throne. Already a bird has taken liberties there.

Thank you, Great Creator. You always know what I need. So imagine my surprise when I sat down and looked to my right.

Two talking stones lined up, with their message only visible to someone sitting on the throne. It was personal. The top stone had my Mother’s favourite sticker sign, the one she put on my gifts…the happy face. My shock, however, was on the other rock.

This summer, I’ve been studying the symbols of Mu and had started a water-colour of one while camping at Howard Lake. It is the symbol of the “Butterfly in the Universe spreading Law and Order.” The shape on the stone is exact. Some people might find an experience like this creepy…but I find it “God some”. Someone knows what I’m doing!

So while I was camping at Juniper, I made it a point to start and end my days sitting on the Stone Throne.

Like years before, nothing of the riverbed will be the same next year except there might be more green…and not where it was this year…

P.S.  While I was sitting on the Stone Throne, the river told me some stories.  So I wrote them down.  “Sky Brother” is one of them.  Look for it soon…

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