The Multiplication Factor (seed collecting)

Heritage Strawberry Spinach
For 12 years I was the Gardener at my parent’s “Splendour View” Garden. I joined the “Seeds of Diversity” and learned the art of seed collecting. Through the catalogue, I was able to send away for starter seeds and plants. I received specimens from Nova Scotia to Vancouver Island.
The multiplication factor of seeds and roots never occurred to me until I became a seed collector. You start with “one” or in some cases “two” and before long there’s a multitude.

One of my fondest memories is seeing my mother standing under the tall umbrellas of parsnip seed.

“Look at all this life!” In her own unique holy way, my Mother was always giving credit to the creator for being so wise. “Look at all the people fed by one plant!”

Oh, how I miss her.

I look at my family and I see the results and surprises of what my parents planted in our lives. Multiplied and still sending out roots and shoots!
So in this Garden of Life where I have more than I need because it’s designed that way when you receive- I give you this experience. The truth of multiplication!

“Look at all this Life!”


Orchid & Bee (Splendour View)

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2 Replies to “The Multiplication Factor (seed collecting)”

  1. Loved reading this and it really brought back memories. It was also timely as I have cleared a little patch of soil and have planted some wildflowers. My hope is that there will be more flower seeds than weed seeds that germinate but I am good with whatever grows!

    1. Yes we are the Splendour View Garden sisters! I can still see you watering the Robekia Colleen! Thanks for sharing the right way of planting here for my readers. Whatever grows being outside with it is our reward.

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