Emily Carr


“When the forest plays with the lake” w.c.©Katie Kidwell, GWJ Creative Art

Sometime in my 40’s, I discovered Emily Carr’s writings.  Oh, how I grieved!  If only I had known about her books in high school…As much as I loved reading Steinbeck and Hemingway, I would have benefitted more with Emily’s words.

Emily was an artist, a gardener, an animal caretaker of all kinds and most unpopular in her time.  Later on, she camped in her “Elephant” and painted.  This is where I have joined her.  I to camp and paint.

As much as I love her paintings…
I love her writings more!

She had an honest way of describing how she feels and what she longs for in her art.  Through the lens of her day to day world, her books have much to teach a creative person.

I hope by now you are thinking, “I better check this out.”  Do a google search for Emily Carr and you won’t be disappointed.

This winter in Value Village I found a “new” book of hers.

“Emily Carr and her Dogs”.  Apparently, she made a calendar, one year, from the point of view of her sheepdog “Billie”.  If you’ve never seen an Emily Carr drawing in caricature – as I hadn’t – you should.

As with “Wildflowers”, once again, the B.C. archives have pulled another gem out of their vast collection of Emily Carr’s personal belongings.  They have been the best “relative” she could have had and all to our benefit.

My art teacher at Emily Carr School of Art, in Vancouver, B.C, asked us to study other artists and determine who we would like to have a cup of coffee with.  Who would we like to have a conversation with?  Well, coffee or tea…my choice is crystal clear…

©Katie Kidwell, The Living Of Loving, 2019
©GWJ Creative Art



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  1. Oh, how I would love to sit across a table to chat with Emily Carr! The question though, is would she the patience to do so? Lol
    I love Emily’s art and many of her paintings move me to tears.
    Thanks for the post Katey.
    I’m hoping to get some camping time with my paints this summer!

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